Hand crafted from reclaimed wood, these Carpenter Bee Busters are carefully designed to trap carpenter bees that can cause major damage to homes and other structures. These traps are completely organic, pet safe, and use no pesticides or chemicals. At PeaceTree Farms, we raise free range honey bees to offset the ecological impact of trapping invasive pollinators. Our Carpenter Bee Buster works hard so you don't have to!

Carpenter Bee Buster

SKU: 100
  • 1. Hang as close to existing carpenter bee damage as possible (or right at eave or under deck at frame line).
    2. If no carpenter bees get caught in first week or 10 days, try moving trap 1-2 feet to the left or right. Chain length can be adjusted as needed.
    3. Dead bees in trap help catch more bees - leave 1-2 bees when emptying the jar.
    4. Empty when bees are halfway full in jar - do not let bees fill the jar.

  • Box - 9" x 5" x 4"

    Jar - 5" (pint)

    Total - 14" tall